Therapist Reviews

I use it in therapy and it’s great!

I like the book but I would love it if you reorganized the order of the pics. Hi first, bye and all done last.

Laura staples
Greater Lowell speech therapy

Highly recommend

As a mom to a nonverbal child I always worry about how my son will communicate with everyone. We received our book yesterday, he started using it immediately! He was laughing and signing along with the book as soon as he got it. I love the setup and design. It’s easily understood and easy to use.

Jessica Adams

Beautifully and thoughtfully designed books!

Beautifully and thoughtfully designed books! The series is easy to navigate and engaging for young children. What a great introduction to communication devices!

Christine S.

A great tool for early learners

The I Want to Tell You series provides a great tool for early learners to explore ways to engage with others. The simple, attractive presentation is not only a fun activity for kids to enjoy with their grown-ups, but it also clearly conveys some of the foundational communicative functions that are key for children to understand and be understood. The sound buttons plus visual pictures combine to form a multimodal learning experience. Simple and affordable but with powerful learning potential, I Want to Tell You fills a gap in the market for young learners.

Chris Franz, MS CCC-SLP
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