Parent Reviews

So excited for the rest of the books!

We bought the first book in March, and my son loved it as soon as we got it. He was not interested in learning ASL until we started using this book. I couldn’t wait to get our hands on the rest of the books. My son has studied the “I Love You” book so much that he knew right away what was in the new shipment of the rest of the books. Everyone I have shown these books to loves them: friends, teachers, therapists, etc.! My son is three years old and reads this book set by himself. He will do independent play and started with the red book, and as soon as we got the rest of the series, he started reading them all on his own. He is learning the ASL words just by the pictures and is starting to actually vocalize his words from the sound board. Thank you so much for these fantastic tools!

Ashley Pulido


I ordered the “I love you” book to try for my 4 year old non verbal daughter, she is diagnosed with autism. I just received it and she has responded so well to it, she loves to match the buttons to the pictures and I am confident it will really help with her communication. Everytime I put it up she reaches for it and everytime we go through all the pictures she makes great eye contact and has a huge smile on her face. I’m excited to order more books for her once she has mastered this one. There is no greater gift than seeing my 4 year old learning to connect words, thank you so much.

Nichole Allinger

Amazing design and layout

My daughter loves this book! Amazing design and layout with incredible photos. Very clear that a mother’s thought and love went into every detail- big and small- in this learning aid. We can’t wait to see more of this series released in the future!

Kalila Terrell

EVERY new parent should have this book!

My 21-month-old son was drawn to this book immediately! I love how the book combines visual, tactile and audio cues with ASL to help us communicate with our non-verbal children. There are so many reasons that EVERY new parent should have this book! I can’t wait to see more “I Want To Tell You” books!

Tesia Lehmann