I Want To Tell You… FULL SET


Buy the entire set of books in the series.

  1. I Want to Tell You… I Love You! This book is based on core communication
  2. I Want to Tell You… How I Feel! This book will give a child the ability to label his or her feelings
  3. I Want to Tell You… Let’s Eat! This book offers numerous food photos for each meal and food group
  4. I Want to Tell You… I Need to Wiggle! This book offers various physical activity words, including opportunities for proprioceptive and vestibular input, which are great for self-regulation
  5. I Want to Tell You… Let’s Go! This book will help the child communicate where he or she would like to go, including the playground, the zoo, or for a bike ride
  6. I Want to Tell You… Let’s Play a Game! This book gives the child a way to communicate with his or her caregiver what toy they’d like to play with, offering an opportunity for rich engagement
  7. I Want to Tell You… I Can Do It! This book gives a visual aid for the child to to be independent with getting dressed for the day

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