There are seven books in the I Want to Tell You series, each offering 10 words within a topic. The topics were chosen based on a young child’s interest and development.

Book1-I Love You


The first book released is the I Want to Tell You… I Love You! book because it is based on core communication, especially with “More” and “All Done” being the first two words a young child can use to communicate his or her needs. The other words in book #1 are Eat, Drink, Play, Potty, Mom, Dad, Help and I Love You. Every parent wants to hear their child say I love you! This book gives any child the ability to do so, through both the soundboard buttons and through teaching the sign language signs depicted.


Book5-Lets Go


The second book in the series is I Want to Tell You…Let’s Go! This book will help the child communicate where he or she would like to go, including the playground, the zoo, or for a bike ride! For many kids with anxiety challenges, fear of the unknown can be distressing. This book offers a visual aid to help the child prepare for the adventure.


Book6-I-Want To PLay A Game


The third book is I Want to Tell You…Let’s Play a Game! This book gives the child a way to communicate with his or her caregiver what toy they’d like to play with, offering an opportunity for rich engagement. The goal of engaging a child who struggles with back and forth play can be challenging, so giving the child the choice of activity is powerful. It also builds communication between the child and parent about what toys the child prefers.


Book3-Lets Eat


The fourth book in the series is I Want to Tell You…Let’s Eat! This book offers numerous food photos for each meal and food group. The child can learn to use sign language or the use of the soundboard to communicate hunger, as well as find the photo of the food he or she would like to eat. For children with feeding challenges, being visually exposed to many foods will be beneficial. Perhaps the child will discover a new food interest through the photos!


Book2-How I Feel


The fifth book in the series is I Want to Tell You…How I Feel! This book will give a child the ability to label his or her feelings. Being able to identify emotions will alleviate anxiety and frustration. The caregiver can introduce the buttons and simplified sign language signs as the emotions are exhibited. By associating the sign and/or button with the emotion, the child will learn to communicate his or her feelings as they arise, and maintain self-regulation.




The sixth book is I Want to Tell You…I Can Do It! This book gives a visual aid for the child to to be independent with getting dressed for the day. It also gives the power of communication using either the sign language signs or the soundboard buttons for getting out of the house, with the Shoes and Jacket buttons. Having access to language will help reinforce the motor plan of independently getting ready.


Book4-I Need To Wiggle


The seventh book in the series is I Want to Tell You…I Need to Wiggle! This book offers various physical activity words, including opportunities for proprioceptive and vestibular input, which are great for self-regulation. Kids love to move their bodies, and through the use of the sign language signs and soundboard buttons, the child will be able to communicate how he or she would like to work on gross motor skill development.


I Want To Tell You Books

Buy the entire set of books in the series. The I Want to Tell You book series is composed of seven titles, each with a topic to help your child connect to his or her world, and to you!


I Want To Tell You Books
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