New Found Freedom

I had planned on waiting 6-12 months before getting any livestock. I was greatly outnumbered when it came to having animals for meat, everyone in the family only wanted pets. Now I’m a practical and *aghem* financially efficient person (my husband lovingly refers to me as cheapo) so any animal brought on this property is going to need to give more than it takes. We’ve had a lot of dogs and cats over the years, most recently a Great Pyrenees-Labrador puppy that I tried to train very well, that ended up being rehomed to a lovely veterinary technician who was looking for his personality and size. He was rehomed because in order to get an autism service dog from the company we’re working with, there can be no other dogs in the home. But I learned a lot with Goose the Pyrador- that animals can be a lot of work, and I already have enough packed into my days, nights, weeks… so whatever animal brought on this property needs to contribute. A lot. Continue reading “New Found Freedom”

We Bought The Farm

I’ve never embraced the idea of starting a blog, because it seems like everything has already been said. However, we recently sold our family home and purchased a farm. My husband and I dreamed of selling everything and moving to Hawaii before having children, but after our son’s open heart surgery and the diagnoses began pouring in, that dream was laid to rest. We simply could not move across the ocean from our support network and plethora of professionals, and with the risk of losing him into his own world. Granted he loves the ocean, as do I, but it was just too much of a gamble. Continue reading “We Bought The Farm”

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