Again we hope everyone is doing well and continuing to maintain their equilibrium amid the recent ups and downs of the sometimes confusing events taking place around us.  We are a little slow updating things this month ourselves, due to the massive forest fires that have been taking place in our neighborhood here in Oregon.  Good news though: All is presently under control and most evacuated folks are back in their homes.  That would include our own Natashia (founder/inventor of I Want To Tell You books) and family…farm critters and all 🙂

As our banner above announces, we’re having a ‘Back-To-School’ sale…well, sort of.  Since no one knew for sure whether kids were going back to school or not and some have and some have not, we waited a bit.  In the end, we just decided to have the sale anyway.  So check out the REALLY tremendous savings being offered.

We’ve also decided to continue to include the ADDED SAVINGS available via the INVENTORY REDUCTION PRICING of  our RED BOOK #1.  Check it out, it’s a really good deal.  We’ll continue to hold the line on this particular book, until we get our overstocked inventory back in line.  Hope this helps and we truly want to thank all of you for your support and very kind encouraging comments.

Take care and be safe.




 Welcome to I Want to Tell You…

Thank you for joining in our mission to give young children a voice! The I Want to Tell You book series is composed of seven titles, each with a topic to help your child connect to his or her world, and to you! Communication is essential to life, and as caregivers, we must support our children and give them a tool to make those vital connections. The soundboard books offer multiple communication approaches, between the photographs, the soundboard audio, and the sign language. We’re so excited for you to begin enhancing your child’s communication, and your bond with him or her!

The Full Series of Books is Now Available!

Kenny Meets Sheep

Autism On The Farm


Follow along with us on our new journey!
We bought a farm and want to share Kenny’s story with you.


Your friends,
Natashia & family