Our first book published in the I Want to Tell You Book Series was the Red Book…I Love You and quickly became our most popular individual book in the series.  So to celebrate this achievement, we are offering it at the greatly reduced price of $12.50, for the month of September.  That’s nearly a 40% savings!

Whether you are looking to sample a book before purchasing a full set or as a gift for a friend, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of a one time offer ($12.50), that likely won’t be seen again.

And as always, feel free to email or message Natashia with any questions.  And of course we’d love to hear your success story!  Email Natashia at natashia@iwanttotellyoubooks.com or message her at https://www.instagram.com/iwanttotellyoubooks/ 

Natashia Kletter

I Want to Tell You Books, President

 Welcome to I Want to Tell You…

Thank you for joining in our mission to give young children a voice! The I Want to Tell You book series is composed of seven titles, each with a topic to help your child connect to his or her world, and to you! Communication is essential to life, and as caregivers, we must support our children and give them a tool to make those vital connections. The soundboard books offer multiple communication approaches, between the photographs, the soundboard audio, and the sign language. We’re so excited for you to begin enhancing your child’s communication, and your bond with him or her!

The Full Series of Books is Now Available!

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